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Poly B Piping Replacement

Poly B (polybutylene) piping was used for many plumbing projects in Canada between 1978 and 1995. Unfortunately, over time the pipes became susceptible to cracks and leakage causing larger damage. Now most insurance companies will not cover homes with poly b piping. Plumbx plumbers are experts at upgrading poly b piping to PEX piping.

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Water shut off valve
Poly B Piping

Shut Off and Pressure Releasing Valves

Although we always recommend full replacement of poly b piping, sometimes it's not feasible to replace the piping in your entire home. If this is the case, we offer new shut off and pressure releasing valves to support the structure of your poly b piping system.

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Full Poly B Piping Replacement

If you've discovered your home has poly b piping, we recommend a complete replacement to avoid devastating loss and repairs down the road. Our team at Plumbx offers a complete replacement to PEX piping. If you are unsure what piping you have, give us a call.

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